After School Care-2015-2016

What we offer:  After School Care and Out of School Care for rising Kindergarten through rising 6th grade students of Caleb’s Creek, Union Cross and NCLA.            

Why UCMC? The children love coming to UCMC, it is comfortable; like a second home. It’s a safe, healthy, stable and a comfortable environment to come “home” to right after they get out of school. Every day they will have a snack play with their friends, do their homework and go outside to play.  For you, it’s convenient to highways, eliminates the need to sit in the, “car rider line”, and peace of mind knowing your child is being well cared for while you are away. So, if your child prefers a smaller more family like environment and you want a cost effective and safe way to care for your child when they are not at school then this is the place for them to be.

After-school care: Our After-School Care program begins promptly at 2:50, shortly thereafter Union Cross Elementary arrives via school bus.  We then head out to pick up Caleb’s Creek and NCLA in the Church vehicles.  After everyone arrives we all gather together for announcements and snack time. (Your child may bring additional snack if they wish). After snack they will head outside to play. Once we come in at 4:30 it’s homework time.  Everyone sits down to do their homework or read.  After they finish that it is free play time.

Each day the children have a ton of arts and crafts supplies available for use. In addition to free art we will offer directed arts and crafts to do as a group. Every Friday we have devotions.  The children can develop their personal faith experience from a simple few minutes to a half hour of all out discussion of some of the major themes in Christianity. Afterschool Care only costs: $195 per month

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