Before and After School

Union Cross Moravian Church After School Care/Out of School Care
(K-rising 6th)

4295 High Point Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27107
(336) 769-0107 or (336) 769-2411

Information Packet

Hours Eligibility Prices Holidays
Dismissals Cancellations Transportation Expectations Health Policy


Mission: The mission of UCMC After School Care/Out of School Care is to provide a safe and enjoyable childcare environment for children after school and on out of school days year round. UCMC After School/Out of School Care program will provide educational activities to promote and enhance each child’s spiritual, physical, mental, and social well-being.

Before School Care begins at 7:30 AM and After School Care ends at 6 PM Monday -Friday

Who can attend?
Our program is created for students k-rising 6th. We provide safe, affordable and personalized childcare for Union Cross Academy, Caleb’s Creek Elementary and NCLA (with limitations). If your child is a student at NCLA please call the director for more information.

After School Care: Monday-Friday till 6:00 p.m. 

Transportation is provided from Caleb’s Creek and NCLA. The school bus brings Union Cross students to the center in the afternoon.

Parents remember to set up the bus assignment with the school. Our physical address is 1780 Union Cross Rd. Kernersville.

A healthy afternoon snack is provided in the afternoon, but your child is welcome to bring their own snack. If your child has special dietary needs you may send snacks to store at our location for your child’s use only.

Homework help: Each day the children have a designated quiet 30-minutes to finish their homework before you pick them up. During that time, staff is available for questions and general help. If the child finishes their homework, they are encouraged to practice reading.

Arts/Crafts: Art and craft supplies are available for the children’s use. Group activities are done mostly during breaks.

Devotions and Prayer: Each day a 15-minute devotion is completed when all children arrive “in house”. Prayer is said by a child volunteer before snack.

Outside: Weather permitting, children have the opportunity to play in one of our three play areas; “soccer” field, playground and blacktop.

Before School Care: Monday- Friday open 7:00 a.m.

Children free play until it is time to take them to school. We will drop the children off at Union Cross Academy, NCLA and Caleb’s Creek.

We have a great staff consisting of Jack, Tasha, Catherine and Megan. During breaks you will meet some other faces; Lilly, Aidan, and Logan. We look forward to another great school year with your family!

If you have any questions please contact the director, Megan, at (336)406-7969 or

Peace and Blessings,
Megan R. Linville       

Money/Time Need to Know

No Registration fees
Before care is $60.00/month
After care is $200.00/month
Drop in rate for before care is $5.00/day and after care is $15.00/day
Siblings receive a $10.00 discount

School begins Monday, August 28th
Before care cost for August 28th– Sept 1st is $15.00.
After care cost for August 28th– Sept 1st is $50.00.
Your September payment of $200 is due Tuesday, Sept 5th, as we are closed on Sept 4th for Labor Day.

Monthly Tuition:
Due the first business day of the month.

Early Dismissal:
Oct. 18, Feb. 7, Feb. 28, March 21 and April 25 are Forsyth County’s early release days. Each of these days we will pick your child up 2 hours early from school and we will close at 4:00 p.m. on these days. 

School is closed, but we’re open:
When school is closed on the dates listed below we will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. if at least 5 kids are signed up. There is an additional fee of $15.00 to attend these days.
October 30th: Teacher Workday
January 15th: Martin Luther King, Jr’s Birthday
January 22nd: Teacher Workday
February 19th: Teacher Workday

School Vacations:
During school vacations we will be open 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. if at least 5 kids are signed up. There is an additional fee of $80.00 to attend during vacation days. Please make this payment with your monthly tuition or on the first day of the vacation. If a child will only attend certain days, the drop in rate is $25/day.

December 22nd, December 27th- December 29th: Winter Break
March 29th, April 2nd– April 6th: Spring Break

We are closed:
In observance of the following holidays, our facility will be closed.
September 4th: Labor Day
November 10th: Veteran’s Day
November 22nd– November 24th: Thanksgiving Break
December 25th & December 26th: Christmas Holiday
January 1st & January 2nd: New Year’s Holiday
March 30th: Good Friday
May 28th: Memorial Day

If school is called off due to inclement weather the center will also be closed.  We follow the WSFC school system calendar only.  NCLA may or may not follow this calendar and you may have to make other arrangements for your child if their calendars don’t match.

If the children get out of school early due to inclement weather we will receive Union Cross and go pick up Caleb’s Creek and NCLA.  We will close as many hours early as the children were released.

Example: It has just been announced the children will be getting out 2 hours early due to weather.  We will get them at the early dismissal time and then closed 2 hours early instead of 5:50 we would be closing at 3:50.  This should buy you an additional 2 hours of time to get situated at work before you need to leave for the early dismissal.

Questions: UCMC After School/Out of School program looks forward to providing care to your child(ren). If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact Union Cross Moravian Church at (336) 769-0107 or (336)769-2411.

Behavior Expectations

UCMC is committed to providing quality After School/Out of School care in a Christian environment. Children are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior at all times. UCMC reserves the right to discontinue service to students whose conduct is inappropriate or unacceptable.
Children’s Rules:

● Keep hands and feet to yourself
● Follow Directions
● Listen when counselors and directors are talking
● No bad words are allowed
● Have fun! ! !
● First offense: Warning
● Second offense: Time out
● Third offense: Loss of an activity/talk with parent
● Fourth offense: Suspension of 1-5 days, depending on the severity ofthe offense

***Fighting is an automatic 3-day suspension.
Please note that based on the severity of the offense, the Director may proceed to a different degree of discipline than described above.

Health Policy, Injuries and Medication Policy/Health Policy

Our center operates for well children and staff only. Children who are mildly sick may remain at the center with the director’s permission only. Children should be able to participate in all activities. If your child is unable to play outside due to sickness then the child is too sick to be in the program. Please always send your child with appropriate clothing based on the weather.

Children arriving with symptoms of communicable disease will remain with a staff member until a parent or designated representative can come for the child. We will make every effort to contact the parent if their child is ill, but after 30 minutes we will contact the emergency contact person indicated by the parents on the emergency information form.

Parents will be asked to come for their child if their child has one of these conditions:

● A temperature ~ 100 degrees F
● Diarrhea and/or vomiting two or more times in a day
● Evidence of head lice or other parasites
● Severe coughing
● Rapid or difficult breathing
● Yellowish skin or eyes
● Sore throat or difficulty swallowing
● Infected skin patches
● Pain of which the child complains and that interferes with normal activity
● Evidence of infection
● A moist or open cold sore

Children may be readmitted:

A. With a physician’s statement that the child is free from communicable disease and that returning poses no risk to the child or others.
B. If visibly free from communicable disease, fever-free without benefit of fever reducing medications for 24 hours, and free of vomiting! diarrhea for 24 hours while on a normal diet.


If an injury occurs to your child while in the care of UCMC Out of School Care program and a staff member is aware of the injury, then the staff member will complete an injury/accident form.

Please sign the form stating that you are aware of the injury when you come to pick up the child from the center. If an injury is considered a minor injury (example: minor bruises, minor cuts or scrapes), then the staff will do minor first aid (wash the wound with soap and water, provide the child ice or a band-aid to put on the injury).

The parent will be notified as soon as the parent comes to pick up their child that day. If the injury is more serious and the staff members feel that the injury requires attention as soon as possible then the parent shall be notified immediately. If UCMC Out of School Care staff is unable to contact the parents then the emergency contact shall be notified. If the injury is a life-threatening emergency, then 911 will be contacted immediately and the parents will be contacted as soon as possible after 911 is called. If the child has to ride in an emergency vehicle then one of the staff members will ride with the child to the hospital. The staff member will stay at the hospital until the parents of the child arrive if possible. The emergency information form must be completed and signed before UCMC can provide care for your child. We cannot provide care for a child whose parent does not allow the center to provide emergency care for the child.

Medication Policy

If a child requires medication while in the care of UCMC Out of School Care then the parents must complete and sign a center-provided medication form. No medicines will be given to the child without the parent’s completion and signature on the medication form. Medicines shall be kept locked up in the care of director. Do not send the medicine with the child to take on his own. If the medication is a prescription medicine then the prescription label and the child’s name must be on the prescription bottle.