Candle Trimming

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  1. Bill Meinweiser

    I remember fondly the trimming parties we used to have many years ago when we trimmed the candles in preparation for the Christmas Eve services and I miss the fun and most of all the fragrance as we were doing this. I formerly belonged to the Canadensis, PA and Third Moravian Church in Philadelphia PA before moving around almost half of the US.

    I would like to bring this tradition into my current (Methodist — it was the closest denomination in the area for me to join) church and was wondering if you could give me the dimensions of the red crepe/tissue paper that we cut for the trimming for the single 6″ candles that are used . That is about the only thing I could not recall as I was looking at what we needed to do. Also, do you know if there are any manufacturers still around that make the candle-holder trays or could you provide me with the “specs” on how to make one from scratch? Our current church doesn’t have any of the diener trays which we also used for lovefeasts, so I don’t have the dimensions that I would need to know to make them.

    Any information you (or other posters) would be able to provide would be most appreciated.

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