Bible Study-The book of Hebrews

Bible Study Schedule


Oct. 6: Steve Williams
Introduction and Chapter 1

Oct.13: Marcia Williams
Chapter 2 (The Author of Salvation)
Chapter 3 (Jesus Our High Priest)

Oct.20: Emily  James  
Chapter 4 (The Sabbath Rest)
Chapter 5 (The Perfect High Priest)

Oct.27: Rev. Griffin
Chapter 6 (Warnings Against Falling Away)
Chapter 7 (Melchizedek the Priest)

Nov.3   Steve Williams
Chapter 8 (Jesus the High Priest of a  New Covenant)
Chapter 9 (Worship in the Earthly Tabernacle)

Nov.10  Marcia Williams
Chapter 10 (Christ’s Sacrifice Once for All)
Chapter 11 (Hall of Fame of Faith)

Nov.17  Emily James
Chapter 12 (Fatherly Discipline)
Rev. Griffin Chapter 13 (Conclusion)

 Come join the study group and bring a friend from 5:30 to 6:30.

Meet in the Fellowship Hall on Sunday Evenings.

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