Calvary Moravian Friends (C.M.F.) August 21 Presentation!

Paul and Nola Knouse will make a presentation on their trip and experiences in Bad Boll, Germany in May 2013 when they attended the Unity Brass Festival.  The 2013 festival was attended by about 350 brass players from five countries across the Unity.  The presentation will include a review of what went on at the festival and will also feature photos from the event as well as sound recordings of some of the music.  It is a program you will not want to miss!  After the presentation, you are invited to join C.M.F. for the usual “Dutch-treat” lunch; this month, it will be held at Mayberry’s, 50 Miller Street, Winston-Salem. To see the invitation, click here

C.M.F. hopes to see you on August 21!

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