“Guiding Principles for Biblical Interpretation”

“What Does It Mean When We Say What We Mean: ‘Guiding Principles for Biblical Interpretation'”

Moravian Seminary Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology
Rev. Riddick Weber to Speak at Salemtowne

Thursday, June 12, 2014, 10:00 -11:30 am

Salemtowne Saal
190 Moravian Way, Winston-Salem, NC 27106.

Reverend_Riddick_WeberMoravian Theological Seminary invites congregations and the community to a free lecture to be given by Seminary Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology, the Rev. Riddick Weber.

Late in 2011 the Interprovincial Faith and Order Commission of the Moravian
Church developed the “Guiding Principles of Biblical Interpretation.” This document was then amended and approved by the PECs of both the Northern and Southern Provinces.  This relatively new document will be introduced.

In addition, we will raise some larger questions:  Why did the Moravian Church choose to write and adopt these principles now?  Do we desire to articulate what we believe to be the operative principles?  Do we believe those principles are undergoing change?   If so, what are the changes and to what purpose?  Can this be used as a forward looking document to guide the church as it addresses difficult social issues in the future?

Registration is helpful, but not necessary via nelsonc@moravian.edu or 610-625-7908.

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