Pancake Supper to Benefit the Backpack Program 

On December 4, 2014
Union Cross Moravian Church 
 at 4295 High Point Road,
Winston-Salem, NC
Will have a
Pancake supper from 5-7 P.M. with special music by Casey Brown and the Saints and Sinners to benefit the pancake
Backpack Program of Union Cross Academy.

If you’re not familiar with the backpack program, it’s not where we give away backpacks!  Instead we give away food to needy children for the weekends.  I’m sure many of you are aware that a large group of children receive free or discounted meals during the school year-which is great!  But some of these same children do not have adequate food over the weekends and come to school tired and hungry on Monday mornings.  They are not at their best to learn and achieve.
Union Cross Moravian and Union Cross Baptist have joined together to help alleviate some of this need.  Each week food is packed and secretly put in student’s backpacks for the weekend.
It costs $200 to feed one child for 42 weekends.  The program has been given a grant of $10,000 for the first year to feed 50 children.   In order to keep this an ongoing program, both Union Cross Moravian and Union Cross Baptist will be having fundraisers over the next year to provide for next year’s students.
Come out and enjoy good food and good fellowship for a good cause!

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