Praising the Lord, Alleluia

What an uplifting gathering we had last evening at the church! Yes, it rained but that didn’t seem to dampen our spirits. We just moved into the sanctuary. It was so nice to meet people from our sister churches and to unite in Christian fellowship.

Wow! What can I say about all the good Christian music we had here? It ran the gamut of Christian style music. We had ole time gospel, we had contemporary gospel and we had harmonizing gospel like the Oakridge boys. All the groups seemed to be elevated by the spirit of the Lord. The groups that preformed were: The Saints and Sinners, The Praise and Worship Team of UCMC, Beneath the Cross and the Hope trio. What a blessing!

Hope Trio


If the music didn’t lift your spirits the sugar high provided by the Hospitality Committee did. The Hospitality Committee did a wonderful job of providing a smorgasbord of treats: cookies, brownies, cakes, pretzels, cupcakes, mini éclairs, etc.,etc.

Thank you to all the people that came out, that preformed and that volunteered their time to make it such a wonderful time in the Lord’s house. What a blessing!


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  1. What a glorious time of singing and worship Sunday evening. First we were blessed by the “Saints and Sinners” group with their wonderful music and songs. Then we were blessed by our Praise Band “Beneath the Cross,” This group lifited our hearts! Our UCMC “Praise Team” sang next and our spirits were lifted to praise. Our guest singers”Hope” had our spirits soaring with their inspirational songs. This was truly a night of lifting up the name of Christ!!!! I hope that we will have more services like this where we along with other chuhes come together to lift up one another and to praise God.

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