Safety First

There were 40 people from our congregation who met on Oct. 17 in our Fellowship Hall to hear Sgt. Sayers from the Sheriff’s Dept. speak to us on safety.  He kept everyone’s attention and made us aware of what to look for when we go to the grocery store such as where not to park, when we should not get out of the car, and be aware of people around you at all times.  He spoke on identity theft, spams and what to watch for when traveling alone. He was very surprised we had about as many men attend as we did women.  He said that is not usually the case.  We told him Moravian women take care of their men.

After Sgt. Sayer’s talk, we had a delicious meal of hot dogs with all the trimmings, chips, drinks and dessert.  We had a good fellowship and sharing during this time.

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