FAQ-After School Care-2015-2016

Frequently asked Questions
Days off/Closed/ Early Release Days

If school is called off due to inclement weather the center will also be closed.  We follow the WSFC school system calendar only.  NCLA may or may not follow this calendar and you may have to make other arrangements for your child if their calendars don’t match.

If the children get out of school early due to inclement weather we will receive Union Cross and go pick up Caleb’s Creek and NCLA.  We will close as many hours early as the children were released.

Example: It has just been announced the children will be getting out 2 hours early due to weather.  We will get them at the early dismissal time and then closed 2 hours early instead of 5:50 we would be closing at 3:50.  This should buy you an additional 2 hours of time to get situated at work before you need to leave for the early dismissal.

Day’s off/Closed/Vacations

Early Release Days

This year WSFC have 6 Early Release days – Students will get out two hours early and they will come to the center.  Please have your child picked up by 4pm on these days as we will close early  (We will open 2 hours early and close 2 hours early).  No additional money is required for these days.
Sept 16 – Wed
Sept 30 – Wed
Oct 14 – Wed
Feb 24 -Wed
March 23 -Wed
April 20 – Wed

WSFC/UCMC Closed days/Vacations and Holidays

Each Day will state if we are open or closed.  When WSFC Schools Are Closed and we are open. We will be available to provide care from 7am-6pm:  If you plan on sending your child on any of those days please include an additional $15.00 in that month’s childcare payment for each additional day you will be sending your child unless otherwise noted no charge.

Sept 7 – Labor Day – we are closed
October 26 – Teacher work day – we are open
Nov 11- Veterans Day – we are closed
Nov 25-27 – Thanksgiving – Open on the 25 – no charge! Happy Thanks giving           (We are closed the 26th and 27th)
Dec 21- Jan 1- winter break
We are open on Dec 21, 22 and 23 – $15 per day
We are closed Dec 24 and 25- Have a Blessed Christmas
Dec 28-31 open $15 per day – Closed Jan 1– Happy New Year!!!


Jan 18 – Martin Luther King Jrs Bday – open
Jan 19 – Teacher work Day- open
Feb 15 – Teacher work Day – open
March 24- April 1 – Spring Break
March 24 – we are open
March 25 – Good Friday – We are closed
March 28-April 1st we are open $15 per day
April 11-Teacher Work Day – open
May 30 – Memorial Day – Closed

Question:  Where do you go if there is a tornado warning?  In the event that there is a tornado warning in our or a surrounding county (and we have time to take precautionary measures) we will bring the children and all their stuff over to the church.  The children will watch a movie in fellowship hall (this keeps them calm and distracted) as the staff keeps up with the weather and watching out the windows.  If there is a sign that further safety measures need to be taken we will bring the children into the church basement.  The door to the basement is located right before the entrance to fellowship hall.

Question:  My child has a toy they want to bring to the center – can they? Yes. They may bring in any appropriate toys they wish; except Electronics.  With the understanding that it their toy gets LOST, STOLEN OR BROKEN, the center is not responsible for it.  The child must also understand that if they bring it in it needs to be shared with EVERYONE not just who they want to share it with. No trading, it comes in and goes out with the same person.  Please make sure they are very clear on all these matters.  Every so often, as a treat, we will allow an electronics day.  You will know via email in advance when this day comes.

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