Money Matters-2014-2015

After and Out of School and Summer Care Program 2015 – 2016 School Year

 One Registration fee per family per school year: $30.00 

After Care: $195.00 per month payable on the 1st of the month.
Sibling Discount: $10.00 per month

Do you offer “Drop in Child care: Yes if space is available, let’s discuss.

 Your September payment is due on September 2rd as we are closed on Labor Day. 

Sibling Discount: $10.00 per month
When is the monthly tuition fee due? It is due on the first of the month by closing time.  If the first day of the month falls on a weekend payment is due the next business day.  We will send out a reminder that the first of the month payment is coming up.  You will always be prepaying the month ahead.  Your diligence in this matter is appreciated.

Post Dated Checks:  Sometimes parents find it easier to post-date a check when tuition is due and hand it in on the first day of the month.  Please speak with the director regarding this option with you if you need to use it. We offer it for your convenience, but it must be discussed ahead of time. We have a few parents that use this service and find it very helpful to write it, post-date it and be done with it for the month.

Return check Fee If your check comes back with NSF our bank charges us $20.00 – that $20.00 will be passed on to you to pay.  We will not resubmit the check as the Treasurer of the church has already processed it.  You will need to make your payment in Cash including the $20.00 the bank charged us before the upcoming week.

If payment is not received in cash in full before the upcoming week we will not extend any further childcare services until the account is paid in full.

If you are having money challenges you can always go to the Board of the church and ask for help.

What if my child is out sick or on vacation? We do not pro-rate weeks or give partial credit for missed days during the school year. 

What about days that the center is closed do we get a discount that month: No, the monthly tuition fee already has those “closed” days figured into it.

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