An Alternative Primary Cold Weather Shelter

Through our work with the homeless population, relationships with persons on our city’s homeless council, and conversations with churches interested in the well-being of homeless residents in Winston-Salem, Anthony’s Plot Community learned that there is real and immediate need for an alternative, primary cold weather shelter for people who are still on the streets during these freezing nights. With the support and encouragement of churches, individuals, and service providers, Anthony’s Plot and First Baptist W-S will open a space of hospitality at First Baptist Church (5th Street) for nights when the temperature two bedsis predicted to be 40-degrees or below, starting January 30th and going through the end of February from 7pm-7am each night.
This is not a duplication of current service – there is no other space in the city currently permitted or being used as a cold weather shelter. Additionally, there has been a desire to reopen this particular facility, as it was the preferred site of many homeless individuals and a way to involve the public and communities of faith.
We are identifying anyone interested in volunteering for an overnight shift at First Baptist. We must have a minimum of three overnight volunteers for each day the shelter is open. We are looking for persons willing to help occasionally (as little as two overnight commitments from 1/30-2/28) or regularly (likely no more than twice a week). We may have additional volunteer needs, but we must have a significant number of overnight volunteers to open on January 30th.
If you are willing to serve in this way, please email Russ at by Wednesday, January 30th, if possible.
We bring this matter to your attention after much prayer about how to meet this critical winter weather need. We are, after all, called to be responsible for our brothers and sisters, especially those who are most vulnerable in our communities.

Russ May
Co-founder, Anthony’s Plot
An intentional community in Winston-Salem’s southeast ward

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