Church Directory

Church DirectoryUse the picture Above to Sign Up Now

An attractive new church family directory for our membership is in process.  This professionally designed directory will include family portraits of all families, and a roster of church membership names, addresses , and phone numbers.  We need all members participating to insure that the new directory will be complete.

Please sign up NOW. Rembember, for a successful directory program we need every one of our church families participating.  We need you, so don’t be M.I.C.D! (Missing in Church Directory)

Families who are photographed and approve their portrait will receive a free copy of our new church directory, plus a complimentary 8 x 10  portrait.  Also, an online directory will be available as well as an App for your smart phone.  Additional quality family portraits will be offered at competitive prices. 

Your Family is needed to help make this directory complete. SIGN UP NOW. 

Thank you for your participation, and smile!

Quick Tip for your photos: Wearing solid bright colors is something to keep in mind to help your portraits look fresh and crisp.


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