Who Are You?

Moravian Identity Event at King Moravian Church – June 12 (6 pm):

 Featuring Rev. Dr. Riddick Weber!

Many folks across the province gathered earlier this year for Leadership Focus and experienced many workshops on a variety of themes. One that garnered lots of excitement and enthusiasm was led by Rev. Dr. Riddick Weber on Moravian identity.

Join us at King Moravian Church on Wednesday night (June 12) when Riddick Weber will share about a unique connection between the Moravian Church and The Who.

Supper will begin at 6 PM and the program will start at 6:45. So come enjoy an evening of fellowship, fun, and learning!

The music and lyrics of The Who raise questions of individual and group identity, the nature of love and power of music itself. Though these issues are also fundamental to Moravians, we often have difficulty talking about them with others. Can The Who help us explain when others ask “Who Are You” or help us respond “Let My Love Open the Door” when we encounter those locked up in suffering? This presentation will compare lyrics by The Who with well-known Moravian hymns and look at parallels between the creative lives of the members of The Who and the leaders of the 18th century Moravian Church, in the hopes of building bridges between the faith we hold so dear and a world that is looking for Good News.

King Moravian Church is located at
228 W. Dalton Rd.,
King, NC

To make dinner reservations please contact the office no later than June 9. You can also email your reservation to office@kingmoravianchurch.org.


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