Before and After School Care 2013-2014

Who can attend? Our program is created for the elementary level age group.Rising Kindergarten through rising 6th grade

After-school Childcare

We provide: 20 available hours of safe, affordable, personalized childcare in a exceedingly low 1:12 ratio with a 36 child limit – Monday-Friday from 2:00 pm to 6pm

  • Transportation will be provided from Caleb’s Creek and NC leadership Academy.
  • Children Attending Union Cross, Smith Farm or South East Middle: It is the parent’s responsibility to set up the bus assignment with the school. We are not allowed to set these bus assignments. Once set with the school these children will be dropped off at the center by normal school bus routes.
  • A healthy afternoon snack (children may bring their own if they prefer…just help them limit the sugary type of snacks they pack).
  • Homework Help – each day the children have the opportunity to get their homework done before you even get them home for the night. During a designated quiet half hour of time our staff works with the children and is available for any questions, test prep or general help. If the children are done with their work they are encouraged to practice reading to themselves or helping others to read. While we can not force a child to do their homework we can provide the space and time for them to do so.
  • Arts/Crafts: Each day the children have a ton of arts and crafts supplies available for use. In addition to free art we will offer directed arts and crafts to do as a group.
  • Devotions/Prayer: Each day there will be a time to enrich the children’s personal faith experience from a simple few minute gathering up to a half hour of all out discussion of some of the major themes in Christianity. Last year we had some wonderful conversation and questions from this group devotion time.
  • Outside/Free time: We are proud of the fact that our children are Free Range! We love that they can run full out in a football game or in a race to the swing without banging into a fence not 50 yards away. Each day (weather permitting) our children will have the opportunity to run, play, swing, slide, dig and enjoy all the great outdoors has to offer. This year we will also begin a walking group. More details on that to follow. 

Before School Care

In the morning we open our doors at 6:45am to 8:45am. Generally, in the morning the children prefer to free play until it is time to get on the bus/van and go to school. This year we will drop the children off at three locations:

NC Leadership: the children will leave here at 7:20 (in house by 7:10)
Union Cross: the children will leave here at 7:50 (in house by 7:45)
Caleb’s Creek: the children will leave here at 8:15ish (in house by 7:45)