Before/After School FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

If school is called off due to inclement weather the center will also be closed.  It is impossible to pull a full days worth of staff together on such short notice

Holidays: UCMC After School/Out of School Care program will be closed on the following days in observance of holidays:

  • Labor Day – September 2nd
  • Thanksgiving Day – November 28th
  • Thanksgiving Friday – November 29th
  • Christmas Eve – ½ day – December 24th  – open from 7- 1pm
  • Christmas –  25th & 26th
  • New Years Day –January 1st
  • Good Friday – April 18th
  • Memorial Day – May 26th
  1. My rising 7th grade child has been coming to Union Cross for years…can’t they stay this year? Unfortunately no, we are not set up to meet the physical/emotional or social needs of rising 7th graders, they will have phased out of the program this year.  They will be missed they are a great bunch of kids!
  2.  I have been bringing my child here to camp for years why the change in payment requirements? We are a non-profit we do not have the front money to prepay for the food, transportation and staff for the care of your child.  We appreciate your understanding and your grace in this matter.
  3. Who is responsible for my child while I’m away? We are blessed with a low camper to counselor ratio.  This school year we have 3 adult staff members: Director: Jolene Cote, Assistant Director: Megan Gaskins and Jack Reich a long time staff/Union Cross church member. We also have 1 junior staff member: Khristy.
  4.  Where do you go if there is a tornado warning? In the event that there is a tornado warning in our or a surrounding county (and we have time to take precautionary measures) we will bring the children and all their stuff over to the church.  The children will watch a movie in fellowship hall (this keeps them calm and distracted) as the staff keeps up with the weather and watching out the windows.  If there is a sign that further safety measures need to be taken we will bring the children into the church basement.  The door to the basement is located right before the entrance to fellowship hall.
  5.  What if there is no time to do that? We have already discussed and drilled with the children in the event that the staff has minimal time to react to a pending tornado, the children will go into the bathrooms all together with the staff members.  We will practice from time to time.  We hope and pray that this will never ever be needed. 
  6. My child has a toy they want to bring to the center – can they? Yes. (We will test this system out and is subject to change) They may bring in any appropriate toys they wish; except Electronics.  With the understanding that it their toy gets LOST, STOLEN OR BROKEN, the center is not responsible for it.  The child must also understand that if they bring it in it needs to be shared with EVERYONE not just who they want to share it with. No trading, it comes in and goes out with the same person.  Please make sure they are very clear on all these matters.  Even if you give them the ok to bring an electronic toy such as an I-pod/DS etc they will not be allowed to use it.  Please keep them at home it is just safer.
  7. How do we Contact you?   By phone – (Phone# 336-769-0107) We answer and check the answering machine when we come in from outside.

Questions: Please email me anything that is not urgent or time sensitive at   If yours is a time sensitive issue please call the center. 

Drop in – we would love to have you.  If you want to hang with your child, by all means please come and do so.  Childhood is so fleeting if you get the chance …please come.

Please bring the following for your child at the beginning of the school year or:

  •  A blanket to rest and relax in (it can be kept in their cubby) sometimes after a long day at school and still more time away from home it is good to be able to snuggle up to a comfy blanket.
  •  Medicine:  Benadryl, Epi-pen, inhaler – if your child requires one of these make sure we know and that we have on hand.