Money Matters-2013-2014-School Year

What does before-school care only cost? $55 per month.

What does after-school care only cost? $195 per month.

What does it cost to send my child to both before and after care? $220 per month

Do you offer “Drop in Child care”? – Yes, please pay the $10 fee to drop in at pick up time per child – no sibling discounts. If space is available.

  • If you have a certain pattern of drop in need please discuss with the Director in advance perhaps we can set up a payment system that is mutually beneficial.

Is there a registration fee? Yes, the 2013-2014 School year registration fee per family: $30.00 (Paid at time of registration).

This fall, school begins August 26th. The fee for the week of August 26th – 30:

Before only $13.75
After only$48.75
Before and After: $55.00

Your September payment is due on September 3rd as we are closed on Labor Day.

When is the monthly tuition fee due? It is due on the first of the month by closing time. If the first day of the month falls on a weekend payment is due the next business day. If you tend to have others pick up in the afternoon please make arrangements to get payment in on time so you do not incur a late fee.

  • We will send out a reminder that the first of the month payment is coming up. You will always be prepaying the month ahead. As we are a non-profit it would be impossible for us to provide services for a month and get paid after the fact.

Late Fees: For each day of non-payment after the first of the month you will incur a $5 dollar late fee. There is a $15 dollar late fee per 15 every 15 minute interval for late pick up past 6:00pm.

  • We are not thrilled to have a late fees in place, but unfortunately they are needed. If you have $40 in fees that are unpaid we will cease taking care/transporting your child until the balance is paid in full.

Can I pay ahead of time and get a discount? You can always pay ahead if it is more convenient for you, but we do not offer the 10% discount for early payment during the school year.

What if my child is out sick or on vacation? We do not pro-rate weeks or give partial credit for missed days during the school year.

What about days that the center is closed do we get a discount that month? No, the monthly tuition fee already has those “closed” days figured into it.

  •  Sibling Discount:$10.00 per month
  • When school is closed we will let you know ahead of time the fee for the month as well as the “out of school” day costs. You do not pay for those days if they do not attend.