Summer Camp 2016 Weekly Themes

Weekly Theme Overview

Wk 1 – The Fun has begun week -June 13-17
And here we go!!! This week is going to be fantastic!! We have so many fun activities to do. It surely will not fit in just one week! This week we will be riding our bikes, playing with our electronics, and enjoying tons of kid fun on our UCMC slip and slide. We will also be traveling to Bur-Mill Park where we will enjoy the shimmer on the beautiful lake, fantastic hiking trails through Mother Nature’s playground, the Natural Science Center, and last but, certainly not least, the pool!
This pool has it all a cool splash pad and a really fun vortex… right in the water, two diving boards and plenty of shade under their giant umbrellas! Summer is just so cool! Also, this week we will also be heading to SciWorks; a summertime, mind expanding, favorite… SciWorks offers cool hands-on experiments, an outdoor natural habitat featuring deer, fox, otter’s and so much more. The Body Works room and Sound rooms are always a favorite along with a really cool planetarium show. The fun sure has begun as we will be swimming and playing at the YMCA in Kernersville with its cool outdoor water slides, giant water playground and plenty of lounge chairs to relax in the sun. Yes, the fun has begun…and it’s only Week 1!!!

Wk – 2 – Mad Science week – June 20-24
What is wonderful about the exploration of our world through science is the amazing glow on someone’s face when they discover something new. This week we will be traveling to the Greensboro Natural Science Center. From land to sea, your child will get to experience, explore and discover an impressive variety of animals in their habitats and awesome exhibits. Their huge indoor aquarium is most popular and mesmerizing as children wonder, dream and ponder life under water. The Ray touch-tank is always a soothing yet an exciting favorite! We will be erupting our very own volcanoes and learning about chemistry at the same time!
“What do you get when you mix Mentos geysers, gravity, air pressure, and chemical reactions all together?” Really cool, super science fun at UCMC that’s what!
Along, with those cool experiments, we will make rock candy, also, trying out cool weather experiments such as making it rain and stirring up a hurricane. We will learn about Hydrodynamics first hand at the Kernersville YMCA from splash-pad to pool to waterslides, it’s all hands on Science! We will expand our minds through the bountiful collection of books at the Library and then head over to Harmon Park to enjoy some aerodynamic airplane fun. After we have stretched our minds we will give our bodies a workout while riding our bikes and havin’ a blast on our UCMC slip and slide. Come enjoy the fun!!

Wk – 3 – Water Week – June 27 – July 1st
Hooray! It’s water week. Everything we do this week will be centered on water. We will be experimenting with it, learning about it and playing in it. If your child has a super soaker or squirt toys that they would like to bring in this week they are encouraged to do so. If you have any empty “sport-top” water bottles (empty is fine) they will be used in a super summer fun game; Squirt Tag! Even the staff will be getting in on this one.
Your child will have a blast as they challenge their skills in games with water balloons, water races and slip and slide fun. They will get to jump, splash, make waves, dodge and laze around at Tanglewood’s amazing Aquatic Center. Their multiple waterslides, diving boards, lazy river, splash pad and soak zone are guaranteed to add excitement and joy to your child during this week. We will be heading back into the water at the awesome Kernersville Y enjoying every inch of their outdoor pool, soak zone and waterslides. Here they can also challenge their water walking skills on the floating “wood and ropes” challenge; a summertime favorite! Seeing as we have been playing in the water all week, let’s take some time and experience water the way nature intended. We will be traveling to the stunningly beautiful Bicentennial and Bog Garden’s of Greensboro, under a beautiful canopy of shade trees, the winding landscaped trails we will enjoy the very best outdoor learning environment. The trails will take us to ducks and birds enjoying their “lazy” river jaunts. There will also be a chipmunk spotted here and there enjoying a snack. There will be great peace experienced while hearing and seeing the water cascading down the rocks in the beautiful waterfall. Here we will be learning about the natural ways of water and it’s interconnectedness to everything. This will truly be an experience they will not want to miss this week!

Wk – 4 – Sprit Week – July 5-8
Clearly, our kids have spirit….creativity…and…individuality. This week they get to express their awesomeness in a whole bunch of cool ways. This week we will be having a different theme for each day;
• Dress up day: This can consist of old Halloween non -scary costumes. This would be great, non-scary fun for all) please have your child come in dressed up and we will change to go splash and swim at the Kernersville YMCA pool later that day.
• Team spirit day: Let your child wear their favorite team color. They will be making their team’s pennant, getting their face painted and cheering on our very own UCMC teams!
• Neon day: If its neon, we want them to wear it! Dressed in neon, The Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem will be sure to remember our super awesome amazing group. The kids love this museum from the giant leaf slides, the cool Vets office and art room. Kids love to scramble and crawl over the wavy platforms of the Lucky Climber multilevel exhibit. After exploring the first floor, the climbing adventures continue as the kids scale the Beanstalk Climber, leaf by leaf, to the second floor. Your child is going to have a super bright and awesome day!
• Crazy Hair Day: We have colored hair spray and we are not afraid to use it! Let your child explore their creativity by going crazy with the hairspray and hair-gel! To express our joy and exuberance with our crazy hair, and love of movement to lights and music, we will be headed to Skate World to enjoy hours of fun! Come have an awesome spirit fun filled week with us!

Wk – 5 – Fun in Motion – July 11-15
What better way to keep the kids active then to schedule a ton of fun activities and fieldtrips? This week will be exhilarating and challenging as our bodies will be on the move. To start with we will be headed over to Spare Time to put our hand, eye and body coordination to the test as we enjoy some bowling fun. Then we will divide into two teams and duck, peek, creep and use our stealth skills to score points and defend our team’s base in an unforgettable glow in the dark laze tag experience! From there we will be donning our skates and jamming out to rockin’ music as we strengthen our core at Skate World. They will be feeling that sense of accomplishment as they hone their balance and coordination skills and didn’t hang on the wall to do it! Always a kid-experience favorite!
We are not done with this fun in motion yet! Off we go to Jump-n-fun to jump, bounce and slide our way through the day. And if that is not enough movement we are off to the Kernersville YMCA to play in all that glorious outdoor water. Our bodies will enjoy floating, swimming, sliding, and relaxing in the beautiful outdoors. That’s after we have ridden our bikes through a cool bike course to strengthen our legs and balance skills alike! This week will be so much fun and that’s just the fieldtrips…. Oh the fun they will have this week!

Wk – 6 – Cooking Camp – July 18-22
What do fantastic foods, cooking shows, restaurants and farms all have in common?
UCMC Cooking Camp…that’s what!
This week we will be traveling to Homeland Creamery a beautiful fully functioning farm where your child will have the opportunity to sample farm fresh, home- made ice cream, tour the farm and learn about how food gets from the farm to table. After we visit, we will be inspired to try our hand at making our own ice cream and then on to the ever favorite ice cream taste test trials! Jack will be giving us a cooking lesson in the commercial UCMC Kitchen in the church as he guides us through our super special snacktivitiy!
This week we will also get to brainstorm, create, and set up our own restaurant and serve our “customers” our creations. We will create our own lunch for our picnic in the park as we show our creativity in our teamed up cupcake decorating challenge. To top it off, we will then take a trip to Fire and Sticks restaurant. At this Japanese Hibachi we will be amazed and inspired watching true Chefs display their craft at this exciting event. This week the kids will be having cooking lessons, putting together their snacks and eating some fabulous kid created food. As every good chef knows, it’s not just about keeping our bodies nourished with good healthy food, it’s also about exercise and relaxation to balance it all out. Therefore, we will be riding our bikes and heading over the Kernersville YMCA to do just that…swim…relax…repeat.

Wk – 7 – Boys and Girls week – Aug 25-29
What do cops and robbers, bikes, video games, swimming and archery all have in common?Boys Week!
This week our boys will be apart from those girls as much as manly-macho time we can muster! Say that three times fast! Cause that’s how our boys see the world in fast forward and ready to jump head long into life! So, let’s not forget to indulge in some friendly competition and video games at Putt-Putt in High Point. Trying our hand at Archery, golf, and slip in some fishing time! Our boys are sure to showcase their superior Lego creativity this week in our Lego challenge.
While the boys are being boys, our girls will be enjoying their time spending it on fashion shows (we have a bunch of dresses and some gowns in house) or she can bring her own to showcase. Us girls will be enjoying some R&R as we relax and do our toes and finger nails. Dressing up, having Tea, making cupcakes and yoga are just some of the things we will enjoy doing without the boys! We will also be trying our hand at Archery, Golf, fishing and Putt- Putt in Highpoint!
All of us will come together for some fun in the sun, swimming at the Kernersville YMCA!

Wk – 8 – Harry Potter week- August 1-5
Welcome to wonderful world of fantasy, creativity and a touch of UCMC magic. Join us in the wonderful wizarding world of Harry Potter. We will jumpstart each of the day’s with dramatic play by watching portions of the first Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Using the ideas we see in the movie to create jump-off points for our fantastic day of play. We will get our letters, be “sorted” into our “houses”; Firesong and Embredor and even get to bring in our own caged pet to show the group (no dogs or cats). We will get tons of outside excitement trying out our individually created wands and enjoying our own game of Quidditch. This week we will also enjoy making our own potions, ice-cream sodas, and a few science experiments. We will then try our hand at defying gravity at Tumblbees, flying through the air on the giant trampolines and then testing our determination to persevere as we scale the rock climbing wall. Then to continue our “flying” lesson we will get to bounce, jump, laugh and “fly” at
Jump-n-fun. Cooling off at the Kernersville YMCA will be just the thing to try out our ability to relax… hey even student wizards’ need a break! Our young wizards are going to love it!

Wk – 9- Arts Celebration Week- August 8-12
This week we will be celebrating a variety of ways to experience our creativity through the Arts. How will we create this wonderful experience? Red Carpet here we come!! The children will put on a kid produced, Talent Show and/or skits showcasing their superior acting ability in our version of live theater. We will go see a movie at the Palladium in High Point to experience the art of animation, advertising and marketing. Our movie experience will serve as a jump-off point for creating and running our own theater with tickets and working concession stand serving soda, nachos, popcorn and candy!
During this week of art celebration will experience making art through our hands at the most creative, fulfilling destination: ArtQuest! Your child’s artistic inspiration can become a
Art Celebration week cont:
part of the Artists giant tapestry as they weave on the Giant Loom, or build towers in epic proportions, all in the same space! They can also use their creativity in the make believe area. Here, they can channel their inner Picasso on the giant size easel and fashion whatever their heart and mind desire out of clay! We will also be using nails and string to create our initials in a super cool string art activity. In addition, we will also be showcasing our creativity in our Lego creations, Play-Doh fun and pretend play. After all this creating, we need to kickback and chill at the Kernersville YMCA outdoor pools. This week is going to create great memories.

Wk – 10 – Beach Week – August 15-19
Who doesn’t love water and sand? Well, that is just what our focus is going to be on this week! This week we will be enjoying all things “beachy”. We will be creating cool paintings inside kiddie pools (it’s a super cool art activity), running through the sprinklers and trying to jump through the sprinkler when it is just at that specific spot! We will enjoy playing in our outdoor beach sand while putting our creativity to the test in the sand castle building competition! Laying in it, playing in it being creative in it we will be enjoying it all. This week we will also enjoy celebrating a summertime beach favorite…Watermelon! And where would we be if we didn’t honor the humble Popsicle? So many days of backyard summer fun were created with watermelon, Popsicle’s and sprinkler memories… we are going to create those this week. This week we will also be heading to Tanglewood to float in the lazy river after plunging into their beautiful outdoor swimming pools, splashing and having a blast in their huge splash park and packing our lunch and eating in the pavilion. We will also be enjoying the playground at Union Cross Elementary and enjoying the waterslides at the Kernersville YMCA.

Wk – 11 – Camping week – August 22-26
It’s the last week of summer!!!! And we are gonna celebrate it! Camping style!! If the super awesome creation-of-fort-building, smore-eatin, scary- ghost- stories- tellin- fun sounds cool…
Then this is the week you have been waiting on!
Or maybe bringing in your sleeping bag and pillow to rest on each day to “camp” around our indoor “fire pit”
Or, if Gem mining at the realistic, panning trough at Kersey Valley sounds like fun….
Or jumping on their super awesome jumpin pillow….
Or if Hotdogs at the last day of summer fun picnic fun (parents invited) sounds like a blast…and of course we will be kickin back and swimming at the Kernersville YMCA for the last time of the season (aren’t we so lucky we have gotten to swim every single week…sometimes twice!!…?) This last week of summer fun will be sure to please. We certainly hope to see all our friends this week

My child can’t wait to attend UCMC Best Ever Summer Camp Program!