Summer Camp FAQ


 What if my plans have changed?We get that… plans do change.  And if Aunt Marge is inviting you to go to her cabin free of charge for a week…how can you say no???  But wait you already prepaid for summer camp…no worries, please give the director a week’s advance notice (this gives us time to change reservations for fieldtrips, food purchases and scheduling)  we will put your money towards the next camp your child has signed up for.  We don’t give refunds, but we do give credit.

What if my child is only there part of the week they signed up for?–We do not pro-rate weeks or give partial credit for missed days during camp.  If you need to utilize the daily rate you need to do so ahead of time before the week of camp begins.  Again, for fieldtrip reservation, food purchases and scheduling it is all done in advance based on how many children will be attending that week.

Question:  Where do you go if there is a tornado warning?–  In the event that there is a tornado warning in our or a surrounding county we will bring the children and all their stuff over to the church.  The children will watch a movie in fellowship hall (this keeps them calm and distracted) as the staff keeps up with the weather..  If there is a sign that further safety measures need to be taken we will bring the children into the church basement.  The door to the basement is located right before the entrance to fellowship hall.

Question:  My child has a toy they want to bring to the center – can they?

  1. They may bring in any appropriate toys they wish; except Electronics.  With the understanding that it their toy gets LOST, STOLEN OR BROKEN, the center is not responsible for it.  The child must also understand that if they bring it in it needs to be shared with EVERYONE not just who they want to share it with. No trading, it comes in and goes out with the same person.  Please make sure they are very clear on all these matters.  Even if you give them the ok to bring an electronic toy such as an Ipod/DS etc they will not be allowed to use it unless it is a designated electronics day.  Please keep them at home it is just safer.

Question: Do I have to pack a lunch for my child every day?–Yes, send in lunch each day.  Limit sugar and load up on protein, fruits and veggies.  Please refrain from sending in soda or sugar drinks.

Question: Can they heat up their lunch if it is microwavable?–Please no heating of food – Because if  5 kids each bring something that takes 3 or 4 minutes to heat your child will be stuck waiting for microwave time while everyone else is eating.  We have plenty of cold storage.

Question: How do I know what field trips my child will be going on that week?–Each week we send out an email including times and needs for the trip such as sneakers or bathing suit etc.    Please check your email for any changes.

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