Summer Camp Weekly Themes for 2013

June 10th and 11th (last day of school!) 12-14

Schools Out Week!Yahoooooo! Schools out… finally. This week we are just gonna have fun. Afterschool on the 11th we will celebrate the finale of another school years completion! These kids have worked hard and nothing says congratulations… You Did It!! better than cake and ice cream! You know us, who knows what we have up our sleeves for the fun to be had this week. We are going to play, relax and just leave most schedules behind as we transition our way into summer.

Wk 1 -June 17-21- Summer Beach Party

This week we will be kickin’ off the summer in swimming style at Tanglewood. We will also visit Adventure landing, build permanent sand castles, make ice cream, and have an awesome in house beach party you don’t want to miss!

Wk 2 – June 24-28- Mad Scientist week

Think Mentos geysers, dry ice experiments, erupting volcanoes and lava lamps. Let’s investigate lasers, fog and strobes and molecules. We’ll further our investigation at the Museum of life and Science where they feature a 13 foot tornado (check’em out at! As we continue on in our scientific discovery this week, we will hang at Sciworks and experience all the fun they have on site. We might even get in to Syngenta and find out out genetic engineering. I bet you didn’t know Science could be this cool.

Wk 3– July 1, 2&3 (Closed 4&5) Independence week

We will be heading out to Yadkin park memorials to be inspired by magnificent memorials in honor of those that have served our country. We will be writing letters to show our appreciation of our independence that they have helped secure. In celebration of our freedom to create we will be stopping by the Reynolda House of American Art. A uniquely American art experience. We will even get to dress up in the clothes of the 20’s and 30’s – oh the pictures we will take! On the 3rd of July we will be having our “4th” of July celebration – and nothing says America like a good hot grill filled with hot dogs and freshly made apple pie al ala’ mode for desert. We will also be making our own fireworks on our very own splatter paint banner. Our snacks will take on a distinctly American feel with Star Spangled sandwich pops and revolutionary berries. These will be sure to please!

Wk 4 -July 8-12- All Gods Creatures – Great and Small

This week we will be celebrating all of Gods fine fuzzy and not so fuzzy friends! We will be visiting the All a flutter Butterfly farm to experience the most beautiful and delicate winged creatures. At the NC Zoo we will be enjoying the antics of monkeys, reptiles and penguins just to name a few. While we weave our way throughout the zoo we are sure to encounter some beautiful and often overlooked animals. Our eyes will be wide open as we explore this wonderful place filled with creatures from all over the world. As if that is not enough creatures for one week we will also be visiting the Piedmont Environmental center to hike in the beautiful hardwood and pine forests and lakeside habitats. Oh the things we will discover! Also, this week all caged pets are welcome. NO Dogs or Cats please. Details to follow when you sign up for this week.

Wk 5– July 15-19- Artist and Artisans Week

This year we are NOT painting pottery… .we ARE making it! We will visit Home Place pottery for a private lesson on working with clay and create our own masterpiece! This will be a truly a wonderful experience!! We will be heading to an Art Gallery for inspiration and then creating our own in-house. Think Mosaic stepping stones, jewelry making, scrapbooking. Murals, t-dye and food art are just some of the fun that is planned. To wrap things up we will head to Art Quest where the every popular Weaving Loom resides and unlimited art resources to unleash our inner Picasso. Come share and enjoy in the wonderful world of art.

Wk 6– July22-26- It’s all about food

What a great theme! We are going to be cooking up a storm this week and enjoying the results of our efforts. We will be making our very own am and pm snack everyday from smoothies to apple cider donuts, kabobs to oven fries. We will visit Shallowford Popcorn farm to see how popcorn goes from field kernel to popped perfection. A tour through the Golden Farms manufacture will give the kids a first hand look how food is mass produced and lets not forget the Triad’s farms market where the children will help pick out our fruits and vegetables we cook with this week. In the end we will have our own restaurant complete with menus and advertising – they will have a blast!

Wk 7 – July 29 – August 2 -Boys Rock and Girls Rule

This week is a week dedicated to each of these individual groups. Some examples this week are…

  • Boys: all things boy… laser tag, obstacle courses, archery, fishing etc. We will discuss field trips with those signed up for this week to best suit the group.
  • Girls: Mani/Pedi/ Facials, dress up for tea, modeling our fantastic fashions – we will discuss field trips with those signed up for this week to best suit the group.

Keep an eye out for more information as we finalize our plans

Wk 8 – Aug 5-9-Water, Water Everywhere

Yup, it’s water week. Everything we do will be centered on water…experimenting with it, conserving it, playing in it etc. This week we would like everyone to bring in their super soaker or squirt toys and having massive amounts of fun as they run free in the field as they defend their counselor from the other teams water marauders. Kiddie pools, sprinklers, slip and slide…swimming. Isn’t this what summer memories are made of? Come on out and splish, splash and have a blast. Specific field trip locations TBD.

Wk 9-Aug 12-16-Invent/Engineer and Grow

Lego’s, marshmallows and toothpicks oh my… this week we will be inventing and engineering what ever our minds can design we will work with the traditional Lego’s and move onto less traditional materials (think building cereal box towers or milk jug igloos). We are in discussion with Tyco to tour their manufacturing plant. We are looking for another cool engineering or manufacturing plant to explore. If you have any suggestions we would love for you to share.

Wk 10-Aug 19-23- Pioneer Week

What do horses, smores, campfire and candles all have in common? Why the pioneer lifestyle of course. This week we will be experiencing all of them. We will be heading out to Old Salem to enjoy a historic look at the Moravian community from so long ago. There will be hands on demonstrations and people dressed in pioneer garb. We will be making our own paper and creating our own candles. This is the perfect way to end the summer, campfire, smores and candles!