Listen to the Bells

Praise Ringers of First Baptist Church in KingPraise Ringers of First Baptist Church

If you missed the performance by the hand bell choir of First Baptist Church you missed a blessing. Listen to the beautiful rendition of Jesus Loves Me performed by the hand bells.

Not only do hand bells make beautiful music but bells can be used for other things. We use bells for alarms, to summon people for dinner, to provide warnings and to announce someone is at the door.

We were reminded of a story about two horses in a field. One very old horse and a small younger horse. Looking closer at the old horse you could see that the old horse had gone blind with age. Around the neck of the younger horse there was a small bell. When it came time to return to the barn the young horse would shake his neck and the blind horse would follow the sound to the barn. The blind horse trusted the younger horse to lead him in the right direction. Sometimes we are that bell. We can be the bell that leads someone to Christ and sometimes we need to listen for the bell if we get lost and blinded by all the distractions of the world. Either way it involves TRUST. Trust in Christ to lead you in your daily life.

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